Pushing back boundaries to further support international clients

Buongiorno! Guten Morgen! Morning!

A video conference: the morning greetings pour in thick and fast. Perhaps you start to wonder: is that person googling? In the digital world the distance between Italy and Germany is small and global frontiers can be easily bridged. This morning we are doing things differently, however. We are meeting each other in person, face to face in Rotterdam.Nowadays, contacting anyone anywhere in the world on a computer screen (chatting or skyping with a friend or business partner, for example) has become a normal way for us all to communicate. At Visser & Visser, however, normal means meeting up regularly with the members of our international team.

Extra dimension

I recently met up in Rotterdam with 60 colleagues from different countries around the world. Talking to an Italian who speaks a little English over a breakfast of French croissants certainly gives these forms of contact an extra dimension. This isn’t a quick chat that is over with a click of your mouse – it can take half an hour.

Is that a bad thing? Of course not, it’s a challenge! And a nice one at that!

Seeking contact

What did this group of people have in common? They are independent consultants and accountants who realize that working internationally means relying on… people. That’s why the members of the international PrimeGlobal network seek each other out. In Miami, Ho Chi Minh City, Paris, Dubai, Mexico and now Rotterdam too, contacts are made or strengthened.

Want to find out more about our international PrimeGlobal network? Click here for the brochure.

Pushing back frontiers

At Visser & Visser we also push back frontiers and take up the challenge of understanding different cultures. In this way we help our international clients to move forward. Being able to rely on the knowledge of a local colleague– wherever you are in the world – is reassuring. However, you need to know each other, and in this respect we remain small. We explored Rotterdam, for example, and showed an American where emigrants once departed on their journey to the United States. They were pushing back frontiers then too.

To get closer to our international clients and colleagues, we took the decision to open an office in Rotterdam. Visser & Visser can now be found amongst international start-ups in Rotterdam’s CIC.


You are very welcome to come and have breakfast at our new office: enjoy French croissants with an Italian table companion and a Visser & Visser consultant.

Want to take up the challenge?

Please let us know in advance and we’ll set the table for you.

Watch the Visser & Visser story here.