VitalHealth Software, a company with a mission

Better healt for millions of people through smart eHealth solutions. That is the mission of VitalHealth Software. CEO Laurens van der Tang talks to us about this.

Laurens van der Tang CEO VitalHealth SoftwareHow can software contribute to better health?

“We have developed software to support people with chronic diseases and illnesses. It includes ground-breaking cloud-based eHealth solutions for conditions like diabetes, COPD, heart failure, depression, cancer and Alzheimer’s.”

“Patients themselves also have access to their medical file and can obtain targeted information about their condition.”

How does that work in practice?

“Our self-care platform E-Vita – one of our products – connects the network of healthcare providers and patients to each other. This means that patients do not have to keep on telling their healthcare providers the same story. All the relevant information is shared. So, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. Patients themselves also have access to their medical file and can obtain targeted information about their condition. For example, what they need to bear in mind with their medication or lifestyle. In addition, they can communicate online with their healthcare providers.”

How does this benefit a patient?

“Good communication and targeted information have a major impact on a person’s health and well-being. The patient requires fewer check-ups, which saves precious time. In the past, if a patient wanted to consult with his treatment provider he had to call the practice for an appointment. Now he can ask his question at any time and get a quick answer. The patient can also keep an online diary about his condition. Measurements for, say, blood sugar values can be shared directly. With third parties, too, if required, such as a child who monitors the health status of his care-dependent parent.”

That sounds good, but if a doctor can’t be reached a quick consultation doesn’t work. Or if a patient doesn’t enter measurements faithfully.

“True. The biggest challenge is also to get healthcare providers to make our software part of their everyday work processes. If a message from the patient is not noticed until a week later, then this solution is indeed worthless. And as for patients, they have to be motivated to manage their own health as much as possible. There are good ways of trying to achieve this. These are precisely the reasons why we always supply our software together with a concept for careful implementation.”

How many people use VitalHealth products?

“Around 5.5 million patients and 130,000 healthcare providers in the Netherlands and beyond. In the Netherlands, 20 regions are experiencing the benefits of E-Vita. We expect that the reach of our software will grow to tens of millions of people.”

“We have set ourselves the social target of having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide.”

How do you aim to reach such a huge audience?

“VitalHealth is not just based in the Netherlands, it’s also in America, India and Germany. We have set ourselves the social target of having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide. We do this by sharing best practices. After all, a diabetic patient in Africa has roughly the same medical needs as a patient in the Netherlands. We therefore aim to make our knowledge very widely accessible. It’s not for nothing that our mission is better healthcare at lower cost on a large scale. A great target to work towards together on a daily basis.”

Wilbert Snoei, Manager International Business Unit by Visser & Visser and also auditor for VitalHealth Software: “Clients with an international character are ideal for us”

For many products and services the greatest potential for sales lies outside the Netherlands. This represents an opportunity for many of our clients which is being exploited more and more. To enable us to serve our clients well with their international affairs, Visser & Visser has its own International Business Unit comprising specialists from various disciplines.

Wilbert: “With clients like VitalHealth, their strengths complement our strengths nicely. An international organisation that operates as a software developer gets the expertise that it merits and needs. We speak their language and know how to deal with the challenges that are present in the audit – whether these concern cross-border taxes, transfer pricing, operating as a group auditor for foreign shareholdings or valuing software development in the balance sheet. This type of client is a perfect fit for our international character and the high quality we offer in our audits and advisory services.”